The Ten Commandments of God

God father

The first Commandment

I am the lord thy God! Thou shalt have no other gods but me!

He who is able to read these words aright will doubtless already see in them the sentence for many who do not observe this most exalted of all the Commandments.

“Thou shalt have no other gods!” Many a man reads far too little into these words. He has made it too easy for himself! In the ?rst place he probably thinks of idolaters only as those people who kneel before a row of wooden ?gures, each one of which represents a particular god; perhaps he also thinks of demon-worshippers and others similarly gone astray, at best calling them to mind with pity, but he does not include himself among them. Just take a look at yourselves calmly for once, and examine yourselves as to whether perchance you belong to them after all!

One person has a child who really means more to him than anything, for whom he would be able to make any sacrifice, forgetting all else, another sets earthly pleasure far above everything, and with the best volition would in the end be absolutely incapable of renouncing this pleasure for anything, if he were faced with such a challenge as afforded him a voluntary decision. Yet a third again loves money, a fourth power, a ?fth a woman, another earthly recognition, and again in all these things they all ultimately love only... themselves!

That is idolatry in the truest sense. The First Commandment warns against it! Forbids it! And woe to him who does not obey it to the letter! This infringement avenges itself immediately, for such a person must always remain earthbound when he passes over into the Ethereal Realm. In reality however he has only bound himself to the earth through the attachment to something which is upon the earth! He is thus held back from further ascent, loses the time given to him for it, and runs the risk of not emerging from the Ethereal Realm in time to rise therefrom to the Luminous Realm of the free spirits. He will then be swept along into the inevitable disintegration of all material substance, which serves to purify it for its resurrection and its new formation. But for the human soul this is ethereal and spiritual death of all the personal consciousness it had developed, and therewith also the destruction of its form and its name for all eternity!

Obedience to this Commandment is meant to give protection from this terrible fate! It is one of the most exalted Commandments, because it remains the one most necessary to man! Unfortunately, he is all too apt to yield to some attachment which ?nally enslaves him! But whatever he allows to become an attachment he therewith makes into a golden calf, setting it in the highest place, making it a false god or idol beside his God, and very often even above Him!

Unfortunately there are only too many “attachments” which man has created for himself, and which, with the utmost thoughtlessness, he readily adopts! An attachment is the predilection for something earthly, as I have already pointed out. Naturally there are still many more of them. But he who acquires an attachment is “attached” as the word correctly indicates. He is thereby attached to the gross material when he enters the beyond for his further development, and cannot easily detach himself again from it; he is thus retarded, held back! This can indeed also be called a curse that remains a perpetual burden to him. The process is the same, no matter how it is expressed in words.

If in his life on earth, however, he puts God above all else, not only in his perception or merely in words, but in his intuition, thus truly and genuinely, in reverential love that binds him as to an attachment, then through the same effect this binding will at once cause him to strive upwards when he enters the beyond; for he takes with him the reverence and love for God; it supports him and bears him finally towards God’s vicinity, into Paradise, the Primordial Creation, the abode of the pure spirits who have become free from all burdens, and whose binding leads only to God’s Luminous Truth!

Therefore pay strict attention to the keeping of this Commandment. You will be protected thereby from many unfavorable blows of fate, for the release of which there may not be enough time remaining!



The second Commandment

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain!

It is the Name that awakens and brings into focus the concept in man! Whoever dishonors a name and dares to debase it thereby debases the concept! Bear this in mind at all times!

This clear Commandment of the Lord, however, is the least observed of all the Ten Commandments, thus the most transgressed. This non-observance takes a thousand different forms. Even though man thinks that many of these transgressions are quite harmless, just superficial expressions, nevertheless it remains a transgression of this explicitly given Commandment! Just these thousand-fold forms of allegedly just harmless non-observance degrade the Holy Name of God, and with it the concept of God which is always closely associated with the Name, robbing It of Its Holiness before men, and indeed even before children, defiling Its sanctity by making It commonplace, by dragging It down into general phraseology! Men do not shrink from venturing into the ridiculous with this. Not one of the many expressions will I cite; for the Name is far too high and sublime for that! But anybody need only observe this for even one day, and he will probably be aghast at the enormous accumulation of transgressions of the Second Commandment by human beings of both sexes, among old and young, right down to children who are hardly able to form a proper sentence yet. For “the youngsters twitter as they hear the old ones sing”! For this reason, it is often just this debasing of God which is one of the first things that young people learn through the only apparently so harmless transgressions against God's Laws!

The effect, however, is the worst of all the transgressions! It has spread abroad in an absolutely devastating way among all mankind, not only with Christians, but also among Muslims, among Jews and Buddhists; the same can be heard ad nauseam everywhere! What value, then, can the Name “God” still hold for man! It is debased, is respected not even as much as the smallest coin! Much worse than a worn out garment. And this man of the earth, otherwise so would-be-clever, regards it as harmless, and sins in this more than a hundred times a day! Where is there any reflection! Where the least stirring of the intuitive perception! You, too, have become completely deadened to it, and listen calmly when the most sacred of all concepts is thus trampled into the dirt of everyday life! But do not be deceived! The debt ledger in the beyond is therewith mercilessly charged for everyone who has sinned in this respect! And just this is not so easy to expiate because it is attended by such far reaching ill consequences, which must avenge themselves unto the third and fourth generation, unless one day there is some person in this chain of descendants who recognizes this evil practice and calls a halt to it.

Therefore try to combat the harmful habit in the circle of your acquaintances. But above all first sever your own threads of karma with all the energy you still possess, so that your debt ledger will not become greater than it already is in this respect. Do not believe that atonement will be easy because hitherto you intended no evil at all with this! The harm is none the less exactly the same! And the sin against the Commandment remains absolutely unchanged! You knew the Commandment perfectly well. If you did not really strive to become clear about its significance, then that is your fault! Nothing can therefore be written off for you on that account! Listen and act, so that you become capable of redeeming much while still on earth.

Otherwise the morass which awaits you when you enter the beyond, and which places itself obstructively in the path of ascent, will be terrifying.

Yet not only the individual human being, but also the authorities have shown their opposition to this Commandment and also to the Word of God for centuries, in that they forcibly demanded of human beings the taking of oaths, compelling them to commit the transgression with the threat of severe earthly punishment if they did not comply with the demand. But the punishment in the beyond is far more severe, and it falls upon all those who exacted the oath, not upon those who had to take it under pressure. Christ as well reiterated explicitly when He said: “Let your communication be yea or nay; for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil!”

And indeed the authorities had the power to give the decisive weight to the words Yes or No by punishing a deception before court in the same way as perjury! In this way they were able to raise the value of the words before court to that level which they needed to pass judgment. It was not necessary to lead people by force to the transgression of God's Commandment for that reason! Now they shall receive their sentence in the beyond. More severe, and stricter than they had ever assumed as they mocked reciprocal action. There is no escaping this!

But the churches and their representatives carried it even further; with invocations to God, they subjected their fellow-men to the most terrible tortures, and finally again with invocations to God they burned them if they had not already succumbed to their torments beforehand. The Roman Emperor Nero, well known to all and notorious for his cruelty, was not so bad, not so damnable in his tortures of the Christians as was the catholic church with its enormous record of sins in regard to the Laws of God! First, he did not murder and torture nearly so much, and second, not with such hypocritical invocations to God. Invocations of this kind must be numbered among the greatest blasphemies which it is possible for a person to perpetrate!

It avails them nothing if these same churches today condemn what in those days had unfortunately been perpetrated through them for all too long; for they did not voluntarily abandon it!

And even today there is not much difference in the mutual hostility, only in a more restrained, more modern form! In this, too, only the form has changed in the course of time, not the living core! And this core alone, which one so likes to conceal, counts before the Judgment of God, never the outward form!

And this present, only apparently harmless form was born out of the same unspeakable spiritual arrogance of the representatives of all the churches, as hitherto. And where this damnable arrogance is not present, there is to be found an empty conceit based on the earthly power of the churches. Often enough these vices result in the most unseemly hostilities, interwoven in addition with earthly calculations towards extending influence, if not even towards a yearning for great political importance.

And all this with the Name of “God” on their lips, so that I want to call out again as did the Son of God: “By your deeds you have marked my Father's houses as dens of murderers, by considering them to be in your honor! You call yourselves servants of God's Word, but you have become servants of your own arrogance!”

Every Catholic thinks himself far better before God than a Protestant, without there being any cause for it, but every Protestant thinks himself more enlightened, more advanced, and thus nearer to his God than the Catholic! And these are all those who claim to be followers of Christ, to form themselves according to His Word.

Both parties are fools, who rely on something that does not count in the least before the Will of God! Just all these sin far more against the Second Commandment of God than adherents of other religions; for they abuse the Name of God not only with words but through the deed, with their whole manner of living, even in their so-called worship service. To every thinking and closely observing person they give only a horrible example of meaningless forms and empty thought. Just in the boundless conceit of wishing to make themselves and those around them believe that they already possess a place in Heaven ahead of those of other faiths, they desecrate the concept of God most deeply! It is not the outward form of church rites, baptism and so much else that matters! The inner man alone has to stand before the Judgment! Remember this, you haughty ones, to whom it has already been announced that on the Day of Judgment, puffed-up, they will proudly set forth with banners and gorgeous raiment to receive their reward joyously. Yet they will never reach the Realm of the Spirit at the foot of God's Throne, because they will receive the reward they deserve before they get there. An icy blast will sweep them away like worthless chaff; for they lack pure humility within themselves, and true love for their neighbor!

By their nature they are the worst abusers of the Name of “God”, the most flagrant transgressors of the Second Commandment!

They all served Lucifer, not God! And thus they scorn all the Commandments of God! From the first to the last! But mainly the Second, the transgression of which in this manner represents the blackest defilement of the concept of God in the Name!

Beware of continuing to pass over this Commandment lightly! From now on, watch yourselves and your surroundings keenly! Reflect that if you faithfully keep nine of the Commandments and disregard one of them, you will still be lost in the end! When a Commandment is given by God, that is already proof that it must not be taken lightly, that it is absolutely imperative that it be fulfilled! Otherwise it would never have been given to you.

Do not dare to pray if you are unable to vibrate with your whole soul in the words, and beware lest you reveal yourselves as thoughtless prattlers before your God; for thereby you would be guilty before Him of misuse of the Name of God. Before you ask Him for something, consider carefully whether it is needed urgently! Do not become entangled in formal prayers to be rattled off at certain times, as has become the bad habit in all religious practices. This is not only misuse of God's Name but blasphemy! In joy or need, an ardent intuitive perceiving without words remains far more valuable than a thousand spoken prayers, even if this intuitive perceiving lasts only a fraction of a second. For such intuitive perceiving is then always genuine, and not hypocritical! And therefore it is never a misuse of the concept of God either. It is a sacred moment when the human spirit wishes to cast itself in supplication or gratitude before the Steps of God's Throne! This must never become habitual chatter! Not by the servants of a church either!

That man who is capable of using the Name of God on every possible and impossible occasion in daily life has never had the faintest idea of the concept of God! He is an animal, not a human being! Foras a human spirit he must possess the ability to perceive inwardly a divining of God, even though it be but once in his earth-life! But this once alone would suffice to deprive him of any desire to transgress the Second Commandment thoughtlessly! He will then eternally bear within himself the need to utter the Name “God” only on his knees and in the highest purity of his whole inner being!

Whoever does not have this is far removed from even being worthy of God's Word, much less of entering God's Kingdom! Of enjoying His blissful proximity! For this reason it is also forbidden to make a picture of God the Father according to man's concepts! Every attempt at this is bound to lead to nothing but a pitiful belittling, since neither the human spirit nor the human hand is enabled to see even the minutest part of the reality in visions, and to retain it in the earthly way in a picture! The greatest work of art in this matter could signify only deep degradation. A Single Eye, in Its unutterable radiance, suggests everything. – Thus exalted is the Greatness, inconceivable to you, which you embrace in the Word “God” and which with careless audacity you often dare to use as the most ordinary of empty and thoughtless expressions! You will have to render account of this conduct of yours!



The third Commandment

Thou shalt keep the Sabbath Day holy!

Who takes the trouble to experience a Commandment with his intuitive perception. Any serious-minded person should be horrified at the frivolous way in which children and adults alike treat the Commandments of their God. The Commandments are learned and superficially discussed at school. One is glad if he has taken in the words and is able to give some information, should he be asked about them. When he leaves school, to enter working life, these words are soon forgotten, and with them their meaning. This is more than enough proof of the fact that he was not really interested at all in what his Lord and God demands of him. Yet, He does not even demand anything, but gives in love to all men what they need urgently! For the Light perceived how far human beings were going astray. So, like a teacher, God faithfully showed them the way that leads to Eternal Life in the Luminous Realm of the Spirit, thus to their happiness. Whereas disobedience must lead to misfortune and ruin for mankind! Just for that reason it is not really correct to speak of Commandments. Rather they are very well-meant advice, pointing out the right way through the World of Matter, which the human spirits themselves wished to get to know. Yet, even such a beautiful thought has no effect on man. He has become far too obsessed with his own thought processes, and will see or hear nothing other than the views he himself has constructed, on the basis of his small earthly knowledge. He does not perceive how the World of Matter is constantly carrying him further, ever further, to the boundary where for the last time he is faced with “Either – Or” as the decision which now remains decisive for his entire existence, and according to which he must follow his path so chosen to the end, without being able to turn back from it again. Even if, in the end, recognition should come to him. It will then be too late, and the recognition will only serve to increase his torments.

To help man to gain recognition in time, in spite of his having strayed onto wrong paths, God gave him in the Third Commandment; the advice to keep the Sabbath Day holy! With the fulfillment of this Commandment there would indeed have gradually arisen for every human being, in the course of time, the longing to strive towards the Light, and with this longing the way would finally also have been revealed that would bring him upwards to the fulfillment of his wishes which, growing ever stronger would have condensed into prayer. Today, at the time of the Cosmic Turning Point man’s condition would have been different! He would be spiritualized, mature for that Kingdom which must now come.

Therefore, you listen and act so that fulfillment of the Commandment will prepare your way. Thou shalt keep the Sabbath Day holy! You! The words state quite clearly that you are to sanctify the Sabbath Day that you are to make it holy for yourself! The Sabbath Day is the hour of rest, thus when you rest from the work imposed upon you by your path on earth. But you do not sanctify the hour of rest, the day of rest, if you merely wish to care for your body. Nor will you do so by seeking diversion in games, drinking or dancing. The hour of rest should lead you to quiet reflection in your thinking and intuitive perceiving, to review your earth-life up to the present, especially always the past working days of the last week, and to draw practical applications from them for your future. Six days can always be reviewed; a longer period is easily forgotten. It is then inevitable that your intuitive perception will slowly rise to a higher level, and you will become a seeker for the Truth. Once you are a true seeker, a way will be shown to you. And just as here on earth you tread a new, hitherto unfamiliar path only carefully, so must you also proceed cautiously step by step on the new spiritual paths which open before you, in order always to keep firm ground under your feet. You must not jump ahead, for then there is a greater danger of falling. Through this kind of thinking and intuitive perception, during the rest hours of your earth-life, you will never lose anything, but only gain.

No one sanctifies an hour of rest by going to church, unless at the same time, during the time of rest, he is prepared to reflect on what he has heard there, in order to absorb it rightly within himself and live accordingly. The priest cannot make your day holy for you if you do not do so of yourself. Consider carefully ever again whether the real sense of the Word of God is completely in accord with your activity. In this way the Sabbath Day will then be sanctified by you; for through peaceful inner communion it has acquired that content for the purpose of which it was instituted. Every Sabbath Day will thus become a milestone on your path, which will retroactively give the days of your gross material activity that value which they must have for the maturing of your soul. Then they will not have been lived in vain, and you will advance continually. To sanctify means not to waste. The moment you neglect this you lose the time which was granted to you for maturing, and, after the Cosmic Turning-Point, the rays of which are now slowly encompassing you, there is only a short time given to make up for what has been neglected, provided that in so doing you use all the energy you have left. Therefore keep the Sabbath Day holy! Be it in your home, or better still in Nature, which helps you to become alert in thinking and in perceiving intuitively! Fulfill thereby the Commandment of the Lord. It is for your benefit!



The fourth Commandment

Thou shalt honor father and mother!

God gave this Commandment to mankind at one time through Moses. But it has caused unspeakable anguish of soul. How many a child, how many an adult, has struggled desperately not to offend most grossly against just this Commandment? How can a child honor the father who degrades himself to the level of a drunkard; or a mother who grievously embitters the hours of the father and the entire household through her moodiness, through her unrestrained temperament, lack of self-discipline and so much else, making a peaceful atmosphere quite impossible! Can a child honor its parents when it hears them roundly abusing and deceiving each other, or even coming to blows? Many a marital incident has often made the Commandment a torment for the children, rendering it impossible of fulfillment. After all it would indeed be nothing but hypocrisy if a child were to assert that it still honored a mother when she behaves in a much more friendly way towards strangers than towards her own husband, the child's father. When it observes her tendency to superficiality, when it sees her lower herself in the most ridiculous vanity to being the weak-minded slave of every fashion fad, which so often can no longer be reconciled with the concept of earnest noble motherhood, and which deprives motherly dignity of all beauty and sublimity,... what is left for a child to base voluntary reverence for its mother on? What indeed lies in the one word: “Mother!” Yet, what does it demand! A child that is not yet contaminated must unconsciously sense within that a person of mature, serious spirit will never be able to choose to expose her physical body merely for the sake of fashion. How then can the mother remain sacred to the child! Natural reverence spontaneously deteriorates into the empty form of a dutiful habit, or depending upon the upbringing, into commonly accepted conventional politeness, and thus into hypocrisy, which lacks all upward buoyancy of the soul. Just that buoyancy which holds warm life which is indispensable to a child! And which accompanies him like a secure shield as he grows up and sets out in life, guarding him against temptations of all kinds, and remaining a strong inward refuge for him, whenever doubts of any kind assail him. Right up to old age! The word “mother” or “father” should at all times call forth a warm, fervent intuitive perception out of which the image arises before the soul in full purity, dignified, warning or assenting, as a guiding star throughout his entire earthly existence!

What a treasure is now taken from every child when it cannot honor its father or its mother with its whole soul!

Yet the cause of these torments of the soul is again only men's false interpretation of the Commandment. The hitherto-prevailing view was wrong; it limited the meaning, making it one-sided, while nothing sent by God can ever be one-sided. More wrong yet, however, was the distortion of this Commandment, in that it was to be improved according to human discretion, made more explicit by an addition: “Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother!” In this way it became personal. This was bound to lead to errors; for the Commandment in its right form is only: “Thou shalt honor father and mother!”

Hence it does not refer to particular, specific persons, whose nature cannot be determined and foreseen at the start. Nothing so illogical ever occurs in the Divine Laws. On no account does God demand that something be honored which does not absolutely deserve to be honored!

On the contrary, this Commandment embraces the concept of fatherhood and motherhood instead of the individual personality. Therefore it does not primarily address the children but the parents themselves, demanding of them to honor fatherhood and motherhood! The Commandment imposes absolute duties upon parents, always to be fully conscious of their high task, and therewith also to bear in mind the responsibility it involves.

In the beyond and in the Light one lives not with words but in concepts.

For this reason putting these concepts into words can easily lead to a restriction occurring, as becomes obvious in this case. Woe unto those, however, who have not respected this Commandment, who have not taken the trouble to recognize it aright. It is no excuse that hitherto it has so often merely been misinterpreted and wrongly perceived. The consequences of not keeping the Commandment are felt even at procreation and with the entry of the soul. Things would be very different on this earth if the incisive Commandment had been understood and fulfilled by man. Quite different souls could then have incarnated, who would have been incapable of permitting the corruption of morals and ethics to such a degree as exists today! Just look at the murdering, at the wild dances, look at the orgies into which everything is building up today. The crowning, as it were, of the triumph of sultry currents of the Darkness. And look at the uncomprehending indifference with which the decline is accepted, and even encouraged as being right or as always having existed.

Where is the man who takes the trouble to recognize the Will of God aright, who, swinging himself upwards, seeks to grasp the comprehensive greatness, instead of ever again stubbornly compressing this great Will into the wretched limitation of the earthly brain, which he has made into the temple of the intellect. He himself thereby forces his gaze to the ground, like a slave who walks in chains, instead of lifting it upwards, expanding it with radiant joy to meet the ray of recognition.

Do you not see the pitiful position you place yourselves in with every conception of all that comes to you out of the Light! Be it Commandments, the Promises, the Message of Christ, or indeed the whole of Creation! Nothing will you see, nothing will you recognize! Indeed, you do not even seek really to understand a single thing! You do not take it as it is; rather you seek desperately to reshape everything ever again into the inferior opinions to which you have succumbed for thousands of years. Free yourselves from these traditions at last. You do have the power to do so at your disposal. At any moment. And without your having to make sacrifices. But they must be thrown off with one push, with one act of will! without eyeing it longingly, and trying to retain any of it. As soon as you try to find a transition you will never become free of what has been, but the old will ever again tenaciously drag you back. It can be easy for you only if you sever all the old with one slash, and thus step before the new without any old burden. Only then will the gate open to you; otherwise it will remain firmly shut. All that is required is one, really serious, volition. It is the happening of a single moment. Just as the awakening from sleep. If you do not rise from your bed at once you become tired again, and joy in the new day's work flags, if it is not lost altogether.

Thou shalt honor father and mother! Make this now a sacred Commandment for yourselves. Bring honor to fatherhood and motherhood! Who today still knows what great dignity lies in them. And what power to ennoble mankind! Human beings who unite here on earth should become clear about this; then every marriage will be a true marriage, anchored in the spiritual! And all fathers and mothers will be honorable according to the Divine Laws!

For children, however, this Commandment will become sacred and alive through their parents. They will simply be unable to do anything other than honor father and mother from out of their souls, regardless of the individual nature of these children. Indeed the very quality of their parents will compel them to do so. Woe then unto those children who do not absolutely fulfill the Commandment. A heavy karma would fall upon them; for which they would then provide ample cause. But in the reciprocal action obedience will soon become a matter of course, a joy and a need! Therefore go forth and heed the Commandments of God more earnestly than hitherto! That means, observe and fulfill them! So that you will become happy! —



The fifth Commandment

Thou shalt not kill!

Yes, beat your chest, oh man, and proclaim loudly that you are no murderer! For, surely, to kill is to murder, and according to your conviction you have never transgressed this Commandment of the Lord. Proudly you can step before Him, and without fear and anxiety look forward, filled with hope, to the opening of this particular page in the Book of your Life.

But have you ever considered, in this regard, that there is for you also a deadening, and that to deaden means the same as to kill?

There is no difference between them. You alone made this difference up, in your form of expression, in your language; for the Commandment does not say one-sidedly: Thou shalt kill no gross material earth-life! But in a broad, comprehensive way, it says succinctly: Thou shalt not kill!

For example, a father had a son. Petty ambition drove the father to insist that his son should go to college, at all costs. But this son possessed gifts that urged him to do something else, for which college would be of no use to him at all. So it was quite natural that the son felt no inclination toward such forced studies, nor was he able joyfully to summon up the energy. The son was obedient. At the expense of his health he exerted himself to comply with his father's will. However, since it was against the son's nature, against the gifts he bore within him, it was quite natural that his body also suffered under it. I will not pursue the case here any further; it is repeated in earthly life so often that the cases would run into the hundreds of thousands, and even more. But it is an irrefutable fact that through his ambition or obduracy the father here sought to deaden something in this son which was given to the son to be developed on earth! In many cases he is successful in actually deadening it, since its development in later life is hardly possible anymore, because the healthy main strength for it has been broken in its best time, wantonly wasted on things alien to the boy's nature.

The father thereby committed a severe trespass against the Commandment: Thou shalt not kill! This is quite apart from the fact that by his action he deprived mankind of something which might have been of great benefit to them through the boy! However, he must consider that although the boy is or can be spiritually related to him or to the mother, nevertheless before the Creator he remains a personality of his own, whose duty it is to develop for his own benefit the gifts he received on coming to earth. Perhaps the Grace of God had thereby granted the boy redemption of a heavy karma, in that he was meant to invent something, which in some way would bring great benefit to mankind! The guilt of this prevention weighs all the more heavily upon the father or the mother, who set their petty earthly views above the great threads of fate, and thereby abused their parental power.

It is no different when parents are capable of allowing the petty earthly calculations of their intellect to prevail in connection with their children's marriages. How often is a most noble intuitive perception of their child therewith ruthlessly stifled, through which action the child may indeed be given freedom from earthly cares, but at the expense of his soul's happiness, which remains more incisive for the child's existence than all money and earthly possessions.

Naturally the parents should not indulge every dream or wish of a child. That would not be fulfilling their parental duty. But serious examination is demanded, which must never be one-sided in the earthly sense! However, it is just this examination in a selfless way which is seldom or never employed by parents. Such cases exist in a thousand forms. It is not necessary for me to say any more about it. Reflect on it yourselves, so that you do not transgress this most weighty Word of God in the Commandment! In so doing unimagined paths will open up to you!

However, it is also possible for the child to stifle the justified hopes of its parents! If it does not develop its inherent gifts as is necessary in order to achieve great things, once the parents have accommodated the child by letting it choose the path it asked for. This, too, leads to the killing of noble intuitive perceptions in his parents, and the child has transgressed the Commandment in a ruthless way!

This also applies when a man in some way deceives true friendship or the confidence someone gives to him. He therewith kills and injures in the other person something which bears real life! It is transgression of God's Word: Thou shalt not kill! It brings him bad karma for which he must atone.

You see that all the Commandments are but the best friends for mankind, in order to protect them faithfully from evil and from suffering! Therefore love them and respect them as a treasure, the guarding of which brings you only joy! —



The sixth Commandment

Thou shalt not commit adultery!

The very fact that there is another Commandment which states: “Do not let thyself lust after thy neighbor’s wife!” shows how little the meaning of this Sixth Commandment corresponds to the respective earthly laws.

“Thou shalt not commit adultery” can also read: “Thou shalt not break the peace of a marriage!” By peace one naturally understands also harmony. That at the same time stipulates what a marriage should really be like; for where there is nothing to break or to disturb, the Commandment, which is not governed by earthly interpretations and regulations, but by the Divine Will, does not apply either.

Hence a marriage only exists where harmony and peace reign as a matter of course. Where one always seeks to live only for the other and to make him happy. One-sidedness and the deadening boredom so often leading into temptation are then completely and forever precluded from the outset, as well as the dangerous craving for distraction or the illusion of being misunderstood! Murder weapons against any happiness! These particular evils simply cannot arise in a proper marriage where one really lives for the other, because the idea of being misunderstood, and also the craving for distraction, is merely the consequence of a pronounced selfishness which seeks to live only for oneself, but not for the other!

Where there is true love of soul, however, the mutual cheerful abandoning of self is something completely natural, and reciprocally, it is impossible for one party to be disadvantaged. Provided that the level of education does not show too great a gap!

That is a condition required by the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species in the great Universe, which must be complied with if happiness is to be complete.

But where peace and harmony are not to be found, the marriage does not deserve to be called marriage; for then it is not one, but merely an earthly partnership which as such obtains no value before God, and therefore cannot bring blessing in that sense which is to be expected in a true marriage.

Hence the sixth Commandment, as a strict prerequisite, relates to real marriage according to the Will of God! No other kind is protected. But woe unto him who dares to disturb a true marriage in any way! For the triumph which he imagines he has gained here on earth awaits him in quite a different form in the ethereal world! Horrified, he would like to flee from it, when he has to cross into the realm where it awaits him.

It is adultery in the most far-reaching sense where even the attempt is made to separate two souls who truly love one another, as is often done by parents when some earthly circumstance or other is not in accordance with their wish! And woe also to the woman, woe to the man, be they young or old, who out of envy or flirtatiousness consciously brings discord or even a rift between such a couple! Pure love between two human beings shall be sanctified before everyone; it shall inspire everyone with reverence and respect, but not with desire! For it stands under the protection of God's Will!

If a feeling of such unclean desire seeks to arise in a human being, then he should turn away and look with a clear gaze only among those people who have not yet attached themselves to another soul.

If he seeks earnestly and with patience, he will definitely find a person who is compatible with him in the way willed by God, with whom he will then also be happy without first burdening himself with guilt, which can never bring or warrant happiness!

The great mistake of these people is often simply that they go out of their way to yield to the pressure of a feeling which at the outset is always weak, and then to retain it forcibly within, nurturing it with artificial fantasy until, gaining strength, it fills them, torments them, and even drives them to sin! Thousands of human spirits would not have to be lost if only they would always pay heed to the beginning, which, if it is not created by intellectual calculation, merely arises from a flirtatiousness unworthy of a human being, which in turn has its origin in the pernicious practices of earthly family life and particularly in social practices! It is just these which are often nothing short of marriage markets, no more decent than the undisguised slave-trade of the Orient! Therein lies a breeding-place for the seeds of adultery.

You parents, be on your guard lest you become guilty of adultery in regard to your children, by being too intellectually calculating! Countless parents are already so entangled! It takes much for them to free themselves again from it! You children, be careful that you do not become breakers of the peace between your parents, or else you too will be guilty of adultery! Ponder this well. Otherwise you make yourselves enemies of your God, and there is no such enemy who would not eventually have to become subject to destruction under unspeakable agonies, without God lifting a finger! You must never destroy the peace and the harmony between two human beings.

Hammer this into yourself, so that it may always stand as a warning before the eyes of your soul. —



The seventh Commandment

Thou shalt not steal!

A thief is regarded as one of the most despicable of creatures. A thief is anyone who takes something that belongs to another without his consent!

Therein lies the explanation. To obey this Commandment rightly, a man need do nothing more than always to distinguish clearly what belongs to the other person! Everyone will immediately say to himself that this is not difficult. And with that he already dismisses the matter. Certainly, it is not difficult, just as it is not really difficult to obey all of the Ten Commandments, if only one genuinely wishes to do so. But the condition always remains in place, that man really knows them properly. And it is in this that many fall short. In order to obey this Commandment, have you ever truly given thought to what actually is the property of another, from which you must not take anything?

There is his money, jewellery, clothes, perhaps also a house and farm, with cattle and all that goes with it. But the Commandment does not state that it concerns only gross material, earthly goods! Indeed, there are values far more precious still! A man's property includes his reputation, the esteem in which he is held in public, his thoughts, his individuality, as well as the confidence he enjoys from others, if not from all, then at least from this or that person! Having come this far many a prideful soul will become rather less self-confident with respect to the Commandment. For ask yourself: have you never attempted, perhaps in good faith, to shake or completely undermine someone’s confidence in another through cautionary warnings? If you have done so, you have quite literally robbed the one who enjoyed this confidence! For you have taken it from him! Or at least you have made the attempt to do so.

You have also robbed your neighbor ifyou know something of his circumstances and pass on this knowledge without the permission of the one concerned. You can recognize from this how gravely entangled in the net of guilt are all those who seek to profit from doing such things, or make them their business, such as credit agencies or the like. The self-entanglements as consequence of such activities in continual transgression of the Divine Commandment entail a net so enormous that these people can never free themselves and remain abandoned to damnation; for they are all more heavily burdened than gross material burglars and thieves. Guilty, and akin to receivers of stolen goods, are those who support and encourage such “businessmen” in their sinful activity. Every upright and honest man, whether private individual or businessman, has the right and the duty to demand disclosure and, if necessary, records directly from anyone who comes to him with a request, whereupon he can decide how far he can trust him and comply with his wishes. All else is unsound and reprehensible.

Fulfillment of this Commandment at the same time also has the effect of awakening the intuitive perception more and more, and of developing and uncovering its abilities. Man thereby obtains the right knowledge of human nature, which he lost only out of indolence. Gradually he will lose his dead, mechanical traits, and will become a living human being once more. Genuine personalities arise, whereas the herd-animal that is bred today must disappear.

Take the trouble to reflect deeply about this, and see to it that in the pages of your debt register you do not after all find this Commandment much transgressed indeed!



The eighth Commandment

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor!

If you assault one of your neighbors and beat him so that he suffers injury, perhaps robbing him as well, then you know that you have harmed him and will become subject to earthly punishment. Yet you give no thought to the fact that at the same time you are also entangled in the threads of a reciprocal action which is not subject to arbitrariness, but takes effect justly, down to those minute stirrings of your soul to which you pay no heed at all, and for which you lack any intuitive awareness. And this reciprocal action bears no relationship with the earthly punishment, but works wholly independently, silently by itself, yet so inescapably for the human spirit that in all Creation he no longer finds any place which can protect and hide him.

When you hear of such a brutal assault and violent injury you are indignant. If people close to you are the victims, you are alarmed and horrified! Yet it disturbs you little if on occasion a person who is not present is being put in a bad light by another through clever, malicious words, or often just through very expressive gestures, which imply more than can be said in words.

Bear in mind, however: a gross material attack is far easier to redress than an attack on the soul, which must suffer from having its reputation undermined.

Therefore avoid all scandalmongers as you would gross material murderers!

For they are just as guilty and very often even worse! Just as they take no pity on the souls they themselves harass, so no helping hand shall be offered to them in the beyond when they beg for it! Cold and merciless is the unwholesome inner urge to disparage others who are frequently even strangers to them; coldness and mercilessness a hundred times greater will therefore confront them in the place which awaits them when one day they must leave their physical bodies!

In the beyond they will remain ostracized and deeply despised, even in the eyes of robbers and thieves; for all of their kind have a malicious and despicable feature in common, from the so-called gossip to the depraved creatures who do not shrink from bearing false witness under oath, at their own request, against a neighbor to whom they should have had plenty of reason to be grateful in many things!

Treat them as you would poisonous vermin; for they do not deserve otherwise.

Since all mankind completely lack the high, common goal of attaining to the Kingdom of God, they have nothing to say to each other at those times when two or three of them are together; therefore they cultivate the cherished habit of talking about others and are no longer able to perceive how disgraceful it is, because they have lost their perception of it completely through constantly indulging in it.

In the beyond they shall continue to sit together and indulge in their favorite topic until the time granted for the last possibility of ascent, which might have brought them salvation, has passed, and they are drawn into the eternal disintegration, in which all gross material and ethereal kinds of matter come to be purified from every poison carried into them by human spirits who are not worthy to retain a name!



The ninth Commandment

Do not let thyself lust after thy neighbor's wife!

This Commandment is sharply, clearly and directly aimed against the carnal- animal urges which ... alas ... man only too readily allows to arise the moment an opportunity presents itself!

With this we have touched immediately upon the crux of the matter, presenting the greatest snare for human beings, to which almost everyone succumbs as soon as they come in contact with it: the opportunity!

The urge is merely awakened and guided by the thoughts! Man can very easily observe in himself that the urge does not stir, cannot stir when pertinent thoughts are lacking! It is entirely dependent upon them! Without exception!

Do not say that even the sense of touch can awaken the sexual instinct; for that is wrong. It is only a delusion. The sense of touch awakens only the thought and this in turn the urge! And for the awakening of thoughts the opportunity that presents itself is the strongest means which men must fear! For this reason, however, avoidance of the opportunity is also the greatest defense and the greatest protection for all human beings of both sexes! It is the anchor of salvation in the present distress, until all mankind have become so strong in themselves that they are able to keep the hearth of their thoughts pure as a healthy matter of course, which is unfortunately no longer possible today! Then, however, a transgression of the Commandment will be absolutely impossible.

Until then many purifying storms will have to rage over mankind, but that anchor will hold if every striving person makes an earnest effort never to provide the tempting opportunity for two members of the opposite sex to be together alone!

Let each one impress and burn this upon his memory; for it is not so easy to free one's soul from the transgression again, since another party is also involved! And the possibility for a simultaneous ascent is rare.

“Do not let thyself lust after thy neighbor’s wife!” This does not only mean a married woman, but the female sex in general! Thus also daughters! And since it is clearly stated, “Do not let thyself lust!” the reference is merely to the sex drive, not to an honorable wooing!

There can be absolutely no mistake about these clear words. Here it is a matter of the stern Law of God against seduction or rape. As well as of defilement through the thoughts of a secret desire! Even this desire, as the starting-point of the full evil of a deed, is a transgression of the Commandment, entailing punishment through a karma which in some way or other must be redeemed inescapably before the soul can again be free from it. This happening, which human beings mistakenly consider a small matter, is sometimes even decisive for the nature of the next incarnation on earth, or for their subsequent fate in this earth-life. Therefore do not take too lightly the power of thought, the responsibility for which naturally attaches itself in equal measure! You are answerable for the most casual thinking; for it already causes harm in the Ethereal World. That world which has to receive you after this earth-life.

But if lusting goes even as far as seduction, i.e., a gross material deed, then you may well fear the retribution if you are no longer able to atone for it physically and psychically on earth!

Whether the seduction took place in a flattering or in a demanding way, or whether it even led to the woman's consent, the reciprocal action will never waver; it has already set in with the desire, and all shrewdness, all artfulness only add to its gravity.The ultimate consent does not cancel it!

Therefore be on your guard, avoid every opportunity, and do not treat this matter casually! Above all, keep the hearth of your thoughts pure! Then you will never violate this Commandment!

Nor will it serve as an excuse for someone to pretend that there was the likelihood of marriage! That would really be thinking the greatest of lies. A marriage without love of the soul is not valid in the sight of God. Love of the soul, however, remains the best protection against infringement of this Commandment; for one who truly loves always wills only what is best for the loved one, and therefore can never make unclean wishes or demands, against which this Commandment is directed above all!



The tenth Commandment

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, nor his farm, nor his cattle, nor anything that is his!

He who seeks to make a profit through honest work and honest business dealing can look forward calmly to the proclamation of this Commandment during the Great Reckoning, for it will pass him by without striking him a blow. Actually it is so easy to fulfill all the Commandments, and yet ... just look at all men in the right way, and soon you will come to recognize that even this Commandment, the keeping of which should really be quite natural for man,... is not kept, or only very seldom, and then not joyfully, but only with much effort.

It is as though an unquenchable desire races over all men, white, yellow, brown, black or red, to envy his fellow-creatures for what he himself does not possess. Better expressed: to envy him everything! This envy already contains the forbidden coveting! Transgression of the Commandment is thus already complete, and becomes the root of many evils that cause man’s rapid downfall, from which he frequently never rises again.

The average man, strange to say, rarely values what he calls his own, but always only that which he does not yet possess. The Darkness assiduously sowed greed, and the human souls, alas, yielded only too willingly, so as to prepare the most fertile soil for the woeful seed. Thus, in time, coveting the possessions, of others became the basis of all activity of the majority of mankind. Starting with simple wishing, through cunning and the power of persuasion, finally intensifying to the boundless envy of continual discontent, and even to blind hatred.

Any and every means of gratification was recognized as perfectly fair, provided it did not conflict too flagrantly with earthly law. In the growing greed for possessions, God’s Commandment remained unheeded! Every man considered himself really honorable as long as he was not called to account by an earthly court. To avoid such accountability however, cost him no great effort, for he used utmost caution and keenest intellectual cleverness when it was his intention to damage his fellow-men ruthlessly, and when it became necessary in order to obtain some cheap advantage for himself. It did not occur to him that, in reality, this cost him far more dearly than all earthly goods could ever benefit him! So-called cleverness trumped everything! But cleverness according to present-day concepts is in itself nothing more than the blossom of cunning, or an escalation of it. It only remains strange that everyone meets the cunning man with distrust, but the clever man with respect! The general basic attitude brings out the absurdity. The cunning man is an amateur in the skill of gratifying his desire, while intellectually clever people have become masters of it. The amateur cannot clothe his intentions in attractive forms, earning only pitying contempt, whereas to the adept there flows the most envious admiration from those souls who indulge in the same proclivity! There is envy here also, because on the soil of present-day humanity even admiration for the same kind cannot be without envy. Men do not know this powerful motivator for the many evils; they no longer even realize that this envy in many different forms controls and guides all their thoughts and actions at the present time! It is rooted in the individual as well as in entire peoples; nations are guided by it; it causes wars as well as factions, and unending strife, even where only two people have to confer about something!

Where is there obedience to the Tenth Commandment of God one would wish to call out warningly to the nations! With merciless greed each one of the earthly states strives to gain only what the other possesses! They shrink neither from individual murder nor from mass murder, nor from enslaving entire peoples, only in order to raise themselves to greatness thereby. The fine speeches about self-preservation or self-defense are only cowardly excuses, made because they themselves feel distinctly that something must be said in order to somewhat mitigate or excuse these monstrous crimes against the Commandments of God!

But it avails them nothing; for inexorable is the stylus that engraves disobedience to the Commandments of God in the Book of the World Happening; un-breakable are the threads of karma which thereby attach themselves to each individual, so that not even the slightest stirring of his thoughts and deeds can be lost without being atoned for!

He who is able to survey all these threads will see the terrible judgment that has now been brought on! Confusion and the collapse of what has been built up until now are only the first mild consequences of this most shameful of the violations of the Tenth Commandment of God! No one can show you mercy when the full effect henceforth increasingly begins to overwhelm you. You have not deserved otherwise. It will bring only that which you have forced upon yourselves!

Tear the ignoble coveting completely out of your soul! Consider that a state, too, is only made up of individuals! Eschew all envy and hatred towards those people who in your opinion possess much more than you yourselves! Indeed, there is a reason for it! But the full blame for your inability to recognize that reason is yours alone, in that you have voluntarily forced upon yourselves the enormous limitation of your ability to comprehend, which was not willed by God, and which was bound to appear as the consequence of your wretched adulation of the intellect!

He, who in the new Kingdom of God here on earth will not be content with the position allotted to him through the effects of his own self-woven threads of Karma, he is not worthy of being given therewith the opportunity to atone with comparative ease for old burdens of guilt clinging to him, and at the same time also to mature spiritually, so as to find the way upwards to the home of all free spirits, where only light and joy reign!

In the future, every malcontent will be relentlessly snatched away, as a useless disturber of the longed-for peace, as a hindrance to healthy ascent! But if there is a kernel of good still within him, which guarantees a speedy transformation, then he will remain subjugated by a new earthly law, for his own good and for his last salvation, until the recognition about the absolute rightness of the wise Will of God arises in him; right-ness for him also, who only out of the short-sightedness of his soul and out of self-willed stupidity could not recognize that the bed in which he now lives on earth is solely of his own making, as the absolute consequence of his entire existence hitherto, of several lives in the beyond as well as on earth, not the blind result of arbitrary chance! Then he will at last recognize the only thing he needs for himself is precisely what he experiences and where he stands, also the circumstances into which he was born and everything connected with them!

If he works diligently on himself he will rise up not only spiritually, but in the earthly sense as well. However, if he defiantly wants to force a different path for himself, ruthlessly and to the detriment of his fellowmen, then this can never serve him to his true advantage.

He cannot say that the proper recognition of the Commandment shall and must be given him by God so that he can comply and change himself! It is only presumption and a new sin if he first expects or even demands proof of the error of his view, so that, convinced of the contrary, he can believe! It is he and he alone who made recognition totally impossible, who left the right path on which he stood at the beginning! The possibilities for recognition were already given to him by God for the path which he had asked to be allowed to walk! Now that he has, with evil willfulness, badly buried them, how dare he expect God to be his servant, and open this pit again! Childish behavior! It is precisely this presumption, this demand that will make it most difficult for man to atone for the blasphemies thus committed! I say to you: any thief will find it easier to free himself from guilt than will a human soul who dares to expect or to demand that God should redeem him from his own greatest sin by granting him a new gift of recognition! It is just this, which is the gravest burden of sin, which man has loaded upon himself in the most grievous opposition to God's Will!

It will be a hard struggle for the human souls before they are able to free themselves from the habitual transgressions of the Tenth God-Commandment, that is, to effect change in themselves which will at last let them truly live in accordance with it in thought, word and in the deed! But suffering and destruction, here on earth and in the beyond, await all those who are unable to do so!





Man’s conception of life has so far been erroneous. All that he has called life is nothing but impelled motion, which must be regarded as merely the natural effect of real life.

Therefore in the whole of Creation it is only the after-effect of this more or less strong motion, which forms, matures, maintains and dissolves everything. The human intellect has investigated this motion as being the highest, finding his limits therein. Man cannot proceed further in his investigation because he himself is a product of this motion. As it was the highest he could comprehend he simply called it “power” or “living power” or he simply called it “life”.

It is neither power nor life, however, but only a natural and inevitable effect of these, for power only exists in life itself, is one with it and inseparable from it. Since power and life are inseparable, and since Creation is formed, maintained and again disintegrated by movement alone, we cannot speak either of power or of life within Creation.

Thus he who would speak of the discovery of Primordial Power, or even of the exploitation of Primordial Power by machines, is greatly in error, because Primordial Power is not to be found within Creation at all. He mistakes something else for it and erroneously calls it “power” in accordance with his own idea. Such a man thereby proves that he has no idea of the processes in Creation, or of Creation itself. However, he cannot be blamed for this, for he shares his ignorance with all his fellow-men, whether they are learned or uneducated.

For this reason I have spoken from the very beginning in my Message of a “power” streaming through all Creation, since it was the only way in which I could make many things comprehensible to men.

Otherwise they would not have grasped my explanations at all. Now, however, I can go further in these matters and furnish a picture which reflects in a rational way the processes in all happenings. This description is novel, but it changes nothing of my previous explanations. Everything remains exactly as I have stated, and it is real. What I am now saying only appears to be new because this time I explain it from a different perspective.

In so doing I provide a solid foundation, a large vessel, into which man can place all that has been said in the preceding Message, thus filling it with constantly moving, effervescent content, which combines into one whole, implicitly belonging and merging together. Thus man obtains a complete and consistent overview, inexhaustible to him, of all the great happenings hitherto unknown to him, including his own existence and evolution, which survey harmonizes in every way.

The hearer and reader should now try to picture in his mind what I am about to unfold:

Life, real Life, is something completely autonomous, something completely independent. Otherwise it could not be called “Life”. Such Life, however, is in God alone! And since besides God nothing is truly “living” it follows that He alone holds the power which lies in Life. Thus He and He alone is the Primordial Power, or simply the “Power”, so often referred to! And again, in this Power there is Light! Here again the expression “Primordial Light” is just as false as the expression “Primordial Power”, for there is but One Light and One Power: God!

The existence of God, of Power, of Light, i.e., of Life, as such already cause the Creations! For the Living Light, the Living Power, cannot avoid radiations. And these radiations contain all that is necessary for Creation.

Radiation, however, is not the Light Itself!

Hence all that exists outside of God has its origin only in the radiation of God! This radiation however, is a natural effect of the Light, an effect that has always existed from all eternity.

The strength of the radiation is naturally greatest in the proximity of the Light, so much so that there can be no other movement in it than the absolute, taut forward motion, which is an intrinsic quality of the radiation. Thus it issues from God and proceeds into fabulous distances, the extent of which a human spirit is unable to imagine.

However, when this absolute forward propulsion, which is equivalent to an immense and constant pressure, comes to the point where it at last eases off a little, the nature of the movement changes from the hitherto only straight forward movement to a circular kind. This circular movement is produced by the simultaneously acting attraction of the Living Power which retracts all that has been thrust beyond the border of the full radiation to that point where only the forward movement prevails. This causes the circulating motions in an elliptical form, since it is not an independent motion, but one that is produced only by being thrust beyond a certain point and subsequently being retracted again by the attraction which rests in the Power, i.e., in God Himself.

In these rotating movements, in which the immense pressure of the original radiation has diminished, it is natural for a slight cooling off to take place which in turn causes a certain deposit to be precipitated.

This deposit sinks deeper or recedes further away from the original strongest radiation, but is still held by the all-pervading attraction of the Power, while simultaneously retaining enough of the forward thrust of the radiation to again produce new rotating movements, which always remain within ever different but very definite limits. Thus one deposit after another is precipitated, in which elliptically rotating planes of motion form, one after the other, causing accumulations of substance and finally ever more solid forms, receding further and further away from the Original Radiation and its enormous forward pressure.

The resulting gradations form planes in which specific species consolidate and cohere, depending on the degree of their cooling. I have already described these planes or species in my Message as being the great fundamental planes of Spiritual Substantiality in the uppermost region of Creation, under which successively range the Spheres of Animistic Substantiality, of Ethereal Substance, and finally that of Gross Matter, with their many sub-divisions. Naturally, the more perfect species remain higher, thus closest to the Point of Origin, because they most nearly resemble It and are most strongly affected by the attraction of the Living Power. — —

As I have already said, this radiation of the Light working in such an unfathomable way has always existed, from all eternity.

But God did not allow this radiation to penetrate further and have an effect beyond the limits at which the absolute forward drive of the stream still forms a straight line, so that the pure Divine Radiation without any cooling off and consequent precipitations remained completely clear and luminous. This formed, together with God Himself, the eternally Divine Sphere! In this lucidity there could never be any turbidity, nor can there be any deviation, any modification. Only perfect harmony with the Source, with the Light Itself, was possible. And this Sphere is inseparably connected with God, because this radiation of the Living Power, being its natural effect, can never be avoided.

To this Divine Sphere, which because of its close proximity to the Living Power is subjected to a pressure unfathomable to the human spirit, belongs the actual Castle of the Grail as the outermost boundary and anchorage point, as a terminative counter-pole, so to speak. Thus, the Grail Castle still stands within the Circle of Divinity and has therefore existed from all eternity and will remain unchanged for all eternity, even if some day Creation should have to fall to ruin.

Thus it was from all eternity. It is something the human spirit is unable to comprehend.

It was not until God, in His Volition, sent forth the great word: “Let there be Light!” that the rays shot beyond the boundary which was willed until then, out into the light-less Universe, bringing movement and warmth. This was the beginning of Creation, which gave birth to the human spirit and was able to become his home.

God, the Light, does not need this Creation. Should He limit His Radiation again to its inevitable extent, so that only a Sphere of Divine Purity would remain into which no turbidity can ever enter, as it was before, then the end of all that has been subsequently created would be at hand. Man would then also cease to exist, as he can be conscious only within Creation! —

The immediate radiation of the Light can produce only that which is perfect. However, within the changes to this initial pressure which occur through the ever-increasing distances, this original perfection diminishes, because in the progressive cooling-off, individual particles constantly separate themselves and remain behind. Purity in perfection requires the pressure of Divine Radiation at its greatest intensity, such as is possible only in the proximity of God. The pressure creates motion which in turn produces warmth, heat and white heat. Pressure, however, is but the resultant effect of the power, and not the power itself, just as the radiations come into existence only under the pressure of the power, but they are not the power itself. Therefore the radiations within Creation are but the consequence of a corresponding motion, which in turn depends on the particular pressure at the time. Thus, where there are no radiations in Creation there is no motion, or, no “life”, as man erroneously calls it. For all motion radiates, while stagnation is nothingness, an absence of motion which men call death. Thus the Great Judgment comes about only through the increased pressure of a Divine Ray, passed on through an Envoy from God incarnated in the World of Gross Matter, to Whom God has given a spark of His Living Power. Only that which swings aright in the Laws manifesting the Power of God can withstand the pressure of this Living Power-Spark, which naturally cannot be as strong as the enormous pressure of the Living Power in God the Father Himself! That which swings aright will be strengthened by this pressure, but not to the point of white heat, for which the radiation of the power-spark is insufficient. The radiation of the power-spark, however, is amply sufficient to unhinge all disturbing elements, thrust them out of their false movements, and crush and disintegrate them. Thus the Great Judgment of God follows quite automatically and in no wise depends on an arbitrary act of the Divine Envoy. It is simply the result of the Law of Radiation, which was bound to come into being in consequence of the radiation of God’s Power. For all that moves aright, in thought and in deed, radiates a violet color in the World of Gross Matter.

On the other hand that which is of the Darkness, of evil, or strives towards it, be it in thought or in desire, is of a murky yellow color. These two colors are fundamental for the Judgment! Depending on the strength of a volition or deed the radiations are either weak or strong. With the coming of God’s Envoy an unaltered Ray of Divine Light enters Creation and thereby also this earth. Divine Light strengthens and uplifts all that is good, i.e., all that is of the earthly color violet, while all that is of an earthly murky-yellow will be disintegrated and destroyed by It!

The radiation is stronger or weaker according to the nature and strength of a volition or deed. And this again forms the nature and strength of the judging effect of the Divine Light-Ray with unswerving justice!

It may well be said that Creation is encompassed and penetrated by a gigantic network of many-colored radiations. These radiations, however, are but the expression of the diversified movements which originate from the pressure of the Living Power in God. In other words: God in His Living Power holds Creation. All this is right, no matter in what form it is expressed. But the proper origin and process of further development must be known accurately if one wishes to put it to good use.

Just as the highest degree of heat causes white heat, so is it in the Divine Sphere, while with a decrease in temperature other colors gradually appear, and in the cooling off process everything becomes more and more dense!

To continue my explanations with the aid of these earthly conceptions, I will say that the human spirit can never reach the state of white-heat, because it originated in a sphere where the pressure was already becoming weaker and where it was consequently no longer able to produce this highest degree of heat. Thus in its origin the human spirit is of a species which cannot consciously withstand this highest degree of power. Or one can also say: Only at a very specific point of cooling off is it possible for that which is spiritual to come into being and become conscious. Furthermore, the species in which the “spirit” originates is merely a deposit precipitated from the Divine Sphere, which was bound to form itself owing to the slight decrease in temperature, and so on.

This process then expands further in a stepwise fashion. The first precipitation from the Divine Sphere forms the Pure-Spiritual Sphere in which the Primordially Created Beings originate. Only that which precipitates from them produces the species from which the human spirits can evolve. The deposit precipitated out from the latter species in turn produces the Sphere of Animistic Substantiality, out of which the Ethereal Substance separates, which in turn produces Gross Matter as the last deposit. However, each of the fundamental species named here, including the Divine, contains many intermediate spheres, which, as transitions, must provide the connection.

The first precipitation from the Divine Sphere is, as is easily understandable, the most rich in substance and it could therefore produce self-consciousness immediately. It produced the so-called Primordially Created Beings, whereas the deposit precipitated after this first precipitation is not quite so strong and must gradually develop towards consciousness. It is from this second precipitation that the human spirits originate.

Due to the richer substance of their species, and because they constitute the first deposit from the Divine Sphere, the Primordial Beings stand at the highest heights in Creation, while the human spirits issued only from a subsequent precipitation. Naturally, even at their full maturity the human spirits cannot reach the height of the species of the Primordial Beings, which is much richer in substance, but must remain on the level of their own species. In order to rise higher they lack something which cannot be supplemented, unless something of the Living of Power of God were given to them directly. This, however, cannot take place in the natural course of events, but would have to originate from a living part of God placed into Creation, since His inherent, only truly living power, cancels out the cooling of the radiation which would otherwise have to occur naturally during the transition. He alone, therefore, through His own immediate radiation, is in a position to add something to a human spirit which makes it possible for the spirit to cross the border to the region of the Primordial Beings.

When the radiation was first thrust beyond the boundary-line of the Divine Sphere, i.e., at the beginning of Creation, an addition was formed on the other side of the eternal Grail Castle which stands at the outermost boundary of the Divine Sphere. This addition stands in the most spiritual part of Creation and allows the Primordially Created Ones on their side also to visit this new section of the Castle in the Spiritual World, up to the limit set by their species. One step beyond this border, i.e., into the Divine Sphere, would mean instant loss of consciousness and dissolution in white-heat, if ... they were able to take such a step. But this is impossible, because the much greater pressure of the Divine Sphere, to which they are not accustomed, would simply throw them back or, in other words, would prevent them from entering. In an absolutely natural manner it bars their entrance without the necessity of any further action.

The situation is similar for the developed human spirits with respect to the Primordially Created Ones and their realm.

Thus the Grail Castle with its spiritual extension today constitutes the intermediary point between the Divine and Creation. All the radiation necessary for Creation must flow through the Castle, and owing to the nature of His Origin, which combines Divinity with Spirituality, the Son of Man, as King of the Grail and as the only Mediator, is able to cross the border into the Divine Sphere from Creation. This is the reason why the mystery of this union was necessary.

Paradise lies only far below this Grail Castle and the Sphere of the Primordially Created Ones. It is the highest and most beautiful sphere for those human spirits who have fully matured in the Divine Will through obeying the Laws of His Radiations. — —

I will not go into details here so as to avoid undue expansion of the picture of these happenings in principle. I shall publish books on these matters so that earthly scientists can study the individual processes, such as the development within the various spheres, their relationship to one another, etc. Nothing must be passed over lest there be a gap, which would immediately call a halt to human knowledge.

Thus, when the spirit of an earthman returns, matured after a long journey, to the boundary ordained for its species, i.e., to the point where it encounters stronger pressure, then the spirit cannot glow more intensely than it already does by virtue of its full maturity. The higher pressure of an even greater power would have to cause the nature of its species to dissolve and become incinerated, transforming it into the degree of increased heat, which would cause the loss of its ego. It could then no longer exist as a human spirit, and would have to be incinerated as it is consumed by the White Light, while even in the region of the Primordial Beings it would become unconscious through the higher pressure prevailing there.

Thus, the White-Light, i.e., the Radiation of God, in which only that which is Divine can exist consciously, carries within itself all the fundamental components of Creation which deposit themselves, in the gradual process of cooling off in a downward direction. In this movement they are formed, and as forms they combine, but no longer merge into each other, because the requisite pressure is lacking. With every degree of cooling a certain precipitation forms and remains behind. First the Divine, later the Spiritual and then the Animistic, until finally only Ethereal Substance and Gross Matter sink still further.

Thus Creation is actually the precipitation formed with increasing cooling off of the White Light, the Radiation of the Living Light. The Spiritual, as well as the Animistic, can only form and become conscious at a very specific degree in the process of cooling off, which is equivalent to the decrease in pressure of God’s Radiation.

If I speak here of the melting or dissolution of the human spirit when the pressure of the Light Radiation becomes too great, this must not be seen as the Nirvana of the Buddhists as these might like to interpret my explanation. My present explanation merely concerns the happenings as they occur from the Light downwards, whereas Nirvana is meant to be the ultimate goal for the way upwards.

Here the way would be blocked; for in order to ascend from the earth into the Spiritual Kingdom, into Paradise at the highest boundary of which this point of dissolution is to be found, every human spirit must already have attained to the highest maturity as a “conscious ego”. Maturity according to the Divine Will and not according to human conception. Otherwise the human spirit cannot enter this Kingdom. But if it has matured so far as a self-conscious spirit, it will be held back strictly, and repulsed at the boundary by the increased pressure of the Divine Sphere. It cannot proceed any further! Nor does it want to do so. It would never be able to enjoy bliss in the Divine Sphere because it cannot live there as a human spirit but would have dissolved, while in the Spiritual Kingdom, in Paradise, it finds eternal bliss, and in its gratitude thinks no more of wanting to be completely dissolved.

Besides, in the fullness of its maturity, the human spirit is needed for the uplifting and perfecting of the spheres lying below it, which as even further precipitations are capable of withstanding even less pressure than the human spirit. There the human spirit is the greatest, because it can endure, even needs stronger pressure. — — —

It is the task of the human spirit in these lower regions, through its inherent power, to open everything that stands below it as much as possible to the influence of the pure Radiations of the Light; and thereby, as a mediator capable of being penetrated by higher pressure, to act for the benefit of all else, because it can receive this higher pressure and distribute it as a purifying element that destroys everything that is unclean.

Regrettably man has proved to be a bad steward in this regard. It is true that everything in Creation that was meant to develop did develop up to the present time following the pressure or urge; however, it developed in the wrong way, because here man not only failed, but even misdirected this development downwards instead of upwards! For this reason only hideous caricatures of everything came into being instead of natural beauty.

To be natural, however, means to ascend, to strive upwards, following the attraction of the Living Power. For where there is naturalness everything strives upwards only, just as every blade of grass, every flower and every tree does. Thus that which was led by man’s volition only outwardly resembles that which it was supposed to support.

Casually viewed, a rich inner life, for instance, may often be confused with emptiness presenting itself on the outside as smugness. Initially, pure reverence for beauty manifests in a way which is similar to base lasciviousness, for both exhibit a certain degree of gushy enthusiasm, except that the one is genuine, and the other false and only serves as a means to an end. True loveliness is thus substituted by vanity and true service by selfish ambition. And so it is with everything that man brought forth. Only rarely do his ways lead towards the Light. Almost everything is inclined towards darkness.

All this must be rooted out completely so that in place of the current Sodom and Gomorrah the Kingdom of God may now come upon the earth! Everything must finally turn towards the Light, and for this man is the mediator!

— — —

Of the Light Itself, of God, I will not speak here. The subject is too sacred! Besides which man would never be able to grasp it, he must be eternally content with knowing that God is!



Abdruschin - In the Light of Truth